Swatch making its own smartwatch operating system


Swizz watchmaking superstars, Swatch, have been flirting with the idea of entering the smartwatch market for quite a while now. However, it now looks as though they have made their first steps into taking the game seriously, by announcing that they are developing an operating system to go with their smartwatches.

The operating system, which has been dubbed the Swiss OS, is being built alongside tech company CSEM. It is being made to work alongside smartwatches and IoT products.

It has been widely reported that we can expect the first Swatch smartwatches to hit shelves next year. The outspoken CEO of Swatch, Nick Hayek, has been discussing the prospect of a smartwatch for a while now.

Back in 2015, he called the Apple Watch an “interesting toy” that wasn’t going to change people’s everyday lives.

Swatch has already made the move into groundbreaking watch technology, by developing an NFC payment watch with Visa. They also created the beach volleyball-friendly Touch Zero smartwatch.

Both of those have their plus points, but aren’t in the same sphere as the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear, or Google’s Android watches.

It is hoped that this announcement will give a boost to the company, who struggled last year, as profits dropped by 47 per cent. Revenue was also down by over 10 per cent in 2016.

The iconic manufacturer will have its work cut out for it, breaking into a market that is dominated by some of the tech giants. They have also not yet revealed how much their smart watch will sell for.

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