Is this the smartwatch that takes the ‘nanny state’ idea too far?

Tottori West Family Time Watch

We have watches that track calories burned, steps walked, and more, but we don’t have one that tracks how much quality time we spend with our family.

Or rather, we didn’t have one until now.

Tokyo smartwear firm Veldt has developed a wearable that tracks how much time family members spend with each other. The Japanese company is going to use parents’ smartphones and a Tottori West Family Time Watch, which will be worn by kids, to track how much time families are spending together.

When both items are within a certain distance, ‘parent-child’ time will be logged.

If the family hits a target, the watch illuminates with the colors of the rainbow.

The watch is being supported by the Japanese government, and families in certain parts of Japan are receiving the device when they sign up through a government initiative.

We are on the fence on this one – is this the nanny state making sure you are not using a nanny?

Anyway, the watch will also allow parents to keep track of their kids through GPS, and the it will have a bunch of other features as standard, such as internet connectivity and social media access.

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