Organizations working on smart technology top list of world’s most innovative companies

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Briefly looking at Fast Company’s list of the world’s most innovative companies for 2017 indicates that this could be a big year for smart technology.

Topping the list was Amazon, a company that has put a great deal of focus into the smart technology sector. Products such as the Echo and the Echo Dot are now common in both American and European households.

Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, is already available on many devices and that number is only going to grow in 2017.

Google placed second on Fast’s list. The search engine giant is another company that has shifted some of its focus towards home automation. Smart home technology can now even be connected to the Google Pixel smartphone so you can control several of your home’s features from the palm of your hand.

Further down the list was Vivint Smart Home, the Utah-based home automation company. It finished 23rd.

Matt Eyring is the chief of strategy and innovation officer at Vivint Smart Home. He expressed his appreciation at being included on the list in a short statement:

Innovation is a core value woven into the fabric of everything we do at Vivint Smart Home. Each function within our company consistently looks for ways to dramatically improve our ability to lead the smart home revolution. This recognition is a strong validation of our mission to move smart home from an inaccessible ideal to a mainstream reality for every home.

The full list of the world’s most innovative companies is available here.

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