Nest cameras can now recognize doors


Nest’s latest app update gives its cameras more power to help you keep your home secure. Nest Cams (both the indoor and outdoor models) will now automatically recognize doors and set up activity zones around them.

The new feature is available only to Nest Aware subscribers. Nest Aware is Nest’s cloud recording service.

If there’s movement in the activity zone, the Nest Cam will send an alert. Activity zones like this were an existing feature of Nest Aware, but users previously had to set them up manually at each door they wanted to guard. Now, users can just stick a Nest Cam nearby, aim it at the door, and forget it.

Nest Aware is optional and charges a subscription fee. Nest Aware subscribers get continuous recording backed up in the cloud. Subscribers can get 10 days worth of storage for $10/month or $100/year, or 30 days for $30/month or $300/year.

Other new features in this latest Nest update include new supported languages and a feature that sends live video from Nest Cams when Nest’s smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, the Next Protect, detects a problem.

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