Disney World Resort has just gotten smarter

Disney MagicBands

Disney World Resort has just gotten much smarter, as it has started handing customers a new MagicBand wearable.

The MagicBand 2, which was first shown to the public late last year, is designed to change the way users explore the theme park. It has a number of functions, as it works as a park entrance ticket, can be used for payment, and is even a hotel room key.

Of course, this isn’t the first MagicBand designed by Disney, but this one has a slicker design and another very special feature – a removable disk, which can be put into a device called a MagicKeeper.

This is for people who don’t want to carry something with so much value on their wrists.

The MagicKeeper is relatively cheap at $12.99 and there are various colors and special editions to choose from, including a limited edition Beauty and the Beast style.

It’s not just Disney who are taking smartwear into the theme-park game. Universal in Orlando also have an excellent device that allows guests to virtually wait in line.

It has been enhancing the theme park experience immensely, as less hours are being spent in the queue for rides, while more time is spent just having fun.

The smartwear revolution is here and we are glad it has reached theme parks!

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